Minced Green Tripe – 454g

Green Tripe Mince is a boneless mince made with 100% British lamb tripe.

Lamb tripe is lower in fat compared to ox tripe.

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Minced Green Tripe – 454g

Green Tripe Mince is a boneless mince made with 100% British lamb tripe. Lamb tripe is lower in fat compared to ox tripe.

Tripe is a nutritious organ meat and is known as a superfood for dogs as it benefits digestion, boosts the immune system, assists in building healthy muscle and supports skin and coat condition.

Green tripe means that it is tripe in it’s natural state, and has not been processed or bleached

Minced Green Tripe

In the pursuit of optimal pet nutrition, TPMS Animal Feeds proudly introduces Minced Green Tripe—a 454g pack of nutritional brilliance crafted with precision and care. This raw pet food, derived from 100% British lamb tripe, stands as a testament to our commitment to your pet’s well-being.

What is Minced Green Tripe?

Minced Green Tripe is a culinary masterpiece from TPMS Animal Feeds—a boneless mince meticulously prepared with the goodness of 100% British lamb tripe. The choice of lamb tripe is deliberate, offering not just a feast for the senses but a lower fat profile compared to its counterpart, ox tripe. What makes it truly stand out is its purity; “green tripe” signifies that it remains untouched by processing or bleaching, ensuring your pet experiences nature’s bounty in its unaltered form.

Benefits Of Minced Green Tripe For Your Pets:

Digestive Delight

Minced Green Tripe isn’t just food; it’s a digestive elixir for your pets. Renowned as a superfood, it aids digestion, promoting a healthy and efficient digestive system.

Immunity Boost

This nutritional powerhouse contributes to a robust immune system, providing an extra layer of defense against common ailments.

Muscle Marvel

For pets with an active lifestyle, Minced Green Tripe supports healthy muscle development, ensuring they stay agile and energetic.

Skin and Coat Elegance

Say goodbye to dull coats and hello to lustrous fur. The benefits extend to the exterior, enhancing skin and coat condition for a visibly healthier pet.

Holistic Nutrition

Minced Green Tripe isn’t just a meal; it’s a holistic nutritional package, delivering a spectrum of vitamins and minerals essential for overall health.

Bulk Buy Green Tripe from TPMS?

Quality Rooted in British Lamb

TPMS takes pride in sourcing 100% British lamb tripe, ensuring that each pack of Minced Green Tripe is a testament to quality and ethical sourcing.

Unprocessed Goodness

When you choose Minced Green Tripe from TPMS, you’re choosing a product that remains unprocessed and untouched by bleaching—a rare find in the world of pet nutrition.

Dedication to Natural Nutrition

TPMS is dedicated to providing your pet with nutrition that aligns with their natural needs. Minced Green Tripe is a reflection of this commitment, allowing your pet to indulge in the essence of unaltered, green tripe goodness.

In every pack of Minced Green Tripe, TPMS Animal Feeds combines culinary artistry with a dedication to pet well-being. Choose not just a meal but an experience that echoes the beauty of nature’s nutrition for your beloved pet. Opt for Minced Green Tripe—where quality meets purity!